Who We Are?

“Do what really Matters to you in life. Whatever it is, it should be WORTHY of you”

Our Mission

The Mission for Pantherys Inc. is to promote health awareness and enhancing one’s quality of life.

The symbol of Pantherys Inc. is a person in free fall motion expressing the idea of fluidity in body, mind, and spirit. The person in a free fall state of being has unlimited potential to live in an environment of abundance, vibrant energy and to live as they please.


Holistic health incorporating technology and scientific evidence based care to cater the best services for your health and wellness needs.


Dr. Derek was traveling to Peru one day in the past and he came across a Pantera. In Spanish it is the symbolism of a Panther, Lion, Tiger.. Oh My! He was so amazed by the way they move. How beautiful, majestical, calm yet, strong, and powerful they were. That was how the name Pantherys came to being.. 

Our Purpose is to help our patients and the community become aware and informed about their optimal holistic health and performance goals!